Ahh, Your Mom, there are so many things about her that we can't begin to describe here. Now, we at Conspiracy Wiki know who you are, as we ourselves are in secret societies aimed at revealing The Truth, the two rival parties being Orion's Light and The Order of the Unholy Letters.

History Edit

Relationship with You Edit

As said before in "you", you are a lie. With that being said, you don't exist, but that's not even possible, right? But it is, if you are a lie, then that means all who read that page is a lie, but someone has to edit the article, no? In doing so, they fufill this plothole, telling them that they too are lies. But, that's impossible as shown here in this article. The thing is, we at Conspiracy Wiki are too powerful to be tormented by such deeds. You see, even the The Devil is afraid of us.

The "Your Mom" Joke Edit

You see, Your Mom is actually a secret phrase to stimulate a joke, your mom doesn't actually exist. What a Mom supposedly is, is a caretaker and a lover, right? Wrong! As said, they don't exist and their only purpose is, well what the big government sleezebags will let you know anyway, to be used as a part of a joke. The "your mom" joke pandemic has spread quite rapidly in such a short time. These jokes get inside of one's head to destroy their comedic purpose. There are thousands of these deadly jokes, do you wonder why? The original scientists who designed your mother had a unique way of going about this plot. Using secret government funding, they quickly extracted poisons and deadly chemicals from across the globe. Using these, your "mother" was created to seem like she gave birth (What the governments tell you is birth, anyway).

The Truth Edit

Your Mother, as said above is a creation of scientists. What we haven't told you is why. The scientists who worked on your mother, as said above as well, wanted to destroy brains, but again, why? You see, there are some societies that believe themselves higher than others, these defiling creatures are said to be skilled in every area. They are. No, you are aware of The Truth about your Mother and her so-called life.

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