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You are a lie. Look at the facts! You were elected Time Magazine's person of the year in 2006. Plus, you've probably eaten cake at some point, and the cake is a lie, and you are what you eat, so you're a double lie. Plus, two negative make a positive so you're even more of a lie. Unless, the cake isn't a lie, in which case, you aren't a lie.

The Truth[edit | edit source]

The Truth is that You is a secret organization put together by the rich which has hackers (namely Nobody Cares) refer to others as "you" in an attempt to hypnotize the world's population into being "You."

The Facts™[edit | edit source]

  • You're rich, which means You is made up of bluebloods... or perhaps blueballsWikipedia is a conspiracy!so is Conservapedia!wait, so is that?.
  • You've probably heard the word you before, in fact you're reading the word you right now!
    • You know you are, just admit it... unless you're blind, but then, why'd you be on The Internet idiot.
  • "You think, therefore you are." Is that what you think? You thought wrong when you thought up that little thought.
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