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Wikipedia is a so-called encyclopedia on the internet. We have all been there, stealing info for schoolwork, research on the dumbest of things, or making ridiculous articles about a friend. But, you don't actually know The Truth about Wikipedia, do you?

History[edit | edit source]

The site, aimed at finding info on any and everything, as far as what the media tells you anyway, launched on January 15, 2001. This is actually false, the site has actually been up for decades. Jimmy Wales, born in 1966, you may say was impossibly the founder of the site like it says, because this is fact. He was no founder of Wikipedia. He was nothing but a puppet in the Russian plans to infiltrate the "world-wide web". This plan has seemingly been going quite smoothly, as you didn't know about it until now, now didn't you?

Wikipedia and the LOSDES[edit | edit source]

The LOSDES, or Legion of Super Duper Evil Stuff, is a very secretive and unique organization co-founded by Jimmy Wales, the actual founder being one Conan O'Brien. This secret society, aimed at taking over the world, has been employed by the Russians for decades. However, there were no actual members as it was run by the Russian Government in the 60's. It wasn't until around 2003, Conan and his friends, who also secretly worked for Russia began to take over the LOSDES sector of Russian government. Now, Wikipedia is used to fuel the research the LOSDES needs to take over the globe. So that's right, every time you edit a Wikipedia page, spam or not, you're actually helping the enemy.

The Truth[edit | edit source]

The Truth about Wikipedia is that this overcrowded, bustling, research mongering website is actually, as stated above in case you haven't been reading, is all part of a plan to steal/harvest/consume/whatever all of the information in the world and use powerful supercomputers like Randomtime to destroy all of the world's information afterward. It makes no difference to the Communist forces of what happens to the information after taking it for themselves.

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