Wikia the Social Network

How did the logo not give it away?

WikiaWikiaa is an online social network, run by an elite team of Muppets. It was founded in late 2004 by Jimbo Wales and Angela Beesley. Its main cover-up is that it hosts wikiwikias, although a series of Facebook- and Twitter-like features (see below) have made it increasingly clear that they are in fact a social network. They will tell you that they have "free wikiwikias for everyone!" but if you look closely you can see the inconsistencies with its story.

List of those Inconsistencies Edit

  • The entire Community Central is blue, Facebook's and Twitter's signature color; Hell, the default Oasis skin is blue!!
  • "Friending"... well, following user pages. It's close enough, right?
  • There's a chat to talk with friends, despite IRC's existence.
  • A 100 character limit per edit, which stops me from writing too mu
  • There is an about me section, so you can share with others when your birthday is, or where you live, just like the "info" section on facebook.
  • The new Message Wall makes it infinitely easier to post a message for a friend.

The Truth Edit

The Truth is that they're a social network. I know I've said that two or three times already, but it's very important that it gets ingrained into your mind that wikiWikiaa is a social network. Not a "wikiwikia host," a social network. For doing social things and playing social games, like solitaire. They created it to fool you into thinking you could make your own wikiwikia. wikiWikiaa is currently in the process of being bought by facebook at which point they'll release yet another feature that turns user pages into the article namespace and removes everything in the article namescpace.

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