Volcano door

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is.

Volcanoes are supposedly a destructive geological feature of "our" world. These mountainous sites are found all of the world, each of which possessing a unique number of dangerous features.

These "lava-spewing" mountains aren't dangerous because of what was just said three seconds ago, they are dangerous because of what is actually inside of them. Scientists say that you can't go into a volcano and stay for a long period of "time". This is because, if you stay in a volcano for too long, you will find The Truth.

The Truth Edit

The Truth about these "erupt-able" mountains is that they are actually underground laboratories. Laboratories that are owned by scientists in cahoots with secret societies, most likely affiliated with the LOSDES, a pseudo Russian-American society bent on world domination. These scientists work on the most dangerous of tests, and some of these tests become failures and end up with massive explosions. These explosions cause (what you have been told they are called anyway) eruptions. Then, these eruptions destroy near-by towns and landscape, wonder why? The evildoers who do this don't care — they don't care about anyone other than themselves and those affiliated!

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