Most People know about Vikings, the savage barbarians who plundered land after land. But everything you know is a lie.

The Truth Edit

The Vikings were actually peaceful farmers and people until they learned The Truth about the Walruses (which must never be mentioned). The Vikings then tried to flee as far as they could until they reached a village whose people wouldn't let them pass. The Vikings then got so angry that they plundered the entire village and went off and thus started the reign of the Vikings- barbarians who looted and plundered in an attempt to escape the Walruses and to stop people from spreading The Truth about them. However one day the walruses caused the exile of Erik the Red and caused Leif Eriksson to go to America to escape the curse. However the walruses found them and Leif decided to move back to Scandinavia to be more protected with the rest of the Vikings. The walruses eventually left the land once owned by these once great farmers, but to this day everyone in Denmark and the surrounding area, is still quite afraid of walruses' being, as they, being the ancestors of the vikings, have heard stories of The Truth.

End of the Vikings Edit

The Vikings civilization finally ended when a Viking sacrificed a walrus to the gods as a gift, not knowing that the walrus still lived and went up to the gods and told Odin The Truth. Odin was so shocked and scared that he destroyed the Viking civilization and he and the gods fled to a Walrus-less area.

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