Tumblr, often stylized as tumblr., is a popular "blogging" site used by many young adults. This website is also a form of social networking, despite the users on the website claiming that it is not. Tumblr has the feature of "infinite scrolling", meaning that when you are on your dashboard, when you scroll down, the page will not stop scrolling. This feature is used to wrap users into the website and distract them from what they truly wanted to do. Oftentimes on Tumblr, unpleasant images will pop up and it is common practice to continue scrolling.

Different Types of Users Edit

Hungry Edit

The hungry users often reblog images of food. These users seem to always be hungry and will follow blogs titled, or related to, foodporn. Despite the word "porn" being used in the title of the blog, there are no images of porn on it. Unless you count food porn, in which case you have serious issues.

Vocal Edit

More often than not, you will see reblogged videos of people ranting. These people are normally girls and they're normally "it gets better" video. These users have been through a lot of stuff in life, or just can imagine what it feels like, and they don't want other users to feel that way.

Horny Edit

Horny users want sex. They want it all the time. They reblog porn. Don't follow them. ...Or do.

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