Sure, you've heard the expression about the light at the end of the tunnel, but what exactly is waiting at the end? Perhaps the tunnel is below the border and the target is a Texan vault where Donald Trump keeps an assortment of toupees. Or maybe that's where Half-Life 3 is being developed. One thing is for sure, people who go down that tunnel don't normally come back.

Coincidence? I think not.

Theories Edit

The Light at the End of the Tunnel has been brought to media attention and since then, numerous claims and other theories have sprouted surrounding the supposed "light" and it's intended function. None of the following theories have been verified as being truthful.

The Portal Theory Edit

A scientist named Darfuu Kamahaysha believes that the light at the end of the tunnel is merely a portal to the 5th dimension. Subject to popular belief, it does NOT lead to The Twilight Zone. This theory posits that a giant cake lies in this dimension, guarded by a psychopathic computer with lots of time on its hands.

The Spirit Exchange Edit

Another popular theory involves ghosts. And no, not Casper. These ghosts have been convicted of serious crimes in the spirit world, and the ruler, S.P Apparition, have enslaved them in order to prepare for the ghost trade. In exchange for fresh spirits, the old spirits get kicked out into the real world. That must suck, huh?

Hostess Theory Edit

One of the more obscure theories, it's been suggested that the light leads straight into the Hostess factory which makes the delicious creme filled snack cake called the Twinkie. People who end up here are forced to eat Twinkies for the rest of their life, until hostess goes under again, which should only take about 3 years.

Half-Life 3 Theory Edit

Numerous fans of the FPS Half-Life support this theory. They believe that entering the light teleports people to the secret location where they're hiding Half-Life 3, the long awaited entry in the Half-Life series. Unfortunately for them, glass proof titanium walls surround the game, which the developers made impervious to noclip. Oh well. Find another game nerds.

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