The Order of the Unholy Letters is a group that is in direct oppostition to Orion's Light, whatever Orion's Light has to say is wrong, and was made up by the people in charge of your mind, don't believe the lie.

Proof[edit | edit source]

  • On the Orion's Light page, they talk about duties - this means they are deontologists, evil philosophers who want to remove the conciquences from ethics, real crackpots don't deal in duties. Instead they concentrate in the conciquences of their actions, don't believe the lie.
  • The Orion's light page states that "each and every one of the editors on this wiki is one of Orion's Tears" - this is false, some of us are members of The Order of the Unholy Letters - Orion's Light denies the existence of other groups.
  • Would you really reveal your sekrit group on a Wiki page? I think not
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