Everyone thinks that The Muppets on Sesame Street are just playful characters. But now I'm going to tell you The Truth.

Muppets are really evil creatures who are supposed to look cute but really are there to steal your food. How do I know this? The Cookie Monster was accidently created by someone who didn't know The Truth but now we all know that he was just the Tip of the Iceberg.

Muppets and Wikia, an evil cabal? Edit

It has been known for many years that Wikia has been hiring Muppets in order to run their website, however, what hasn't been known is how tough some of these pigs can get. In the 13th day of the red moon, a secret army attacked the Wikia stronghold, but they were stopped by a gang of Muppets. This loss must be investigated at all costs.

The bias Edit

Many of you may be wondering, how does Wikia choose who to hire? Well its not just people with "experience, its either muppets or Star Wars wikians. Thats how Grunny, Brnadon Rhea, Toughpigs (The "King" of Muppet Wikians) and the newest Muppet- Merrystar became officers in Wikia's elite yet unjust, walrus-filled staff.

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