You may know that aids was created by the government to kill off african americans and that SIDS was created by the government to prevent over population but did you know that pot was also created by the US government?


IN THE 1960'S The Us governement felt that too many latinos were moving into the united states. It did not want to repeat its earlier holcaust of blacks, (that was covered up with the help of hitler) so top leaders turned towards more indirect methods of killing. It turned to Marijuana, a well known dangerous drug was turned into an addictive lethatl weapon. It is known the the active ingredient in marijuana is THC; However, by genetically modifying gene YTA 13 the government converted the less dangerous THC into the unstable MHC. When current is applied, MHC will immeadietly break down into toic arsenic through this process C5 +H12-->H202 +H2S04 + Pu136 --> 12As+H20. The arsenic kills the smoker over a long peiod of time. The Idea was that as a latino walked into a pot dealership the would send a smallectric pulse through the spice to initiate the reaction. Dealers who gave proof of doing this were given a tax cut and thus they continued to do it without knowing that they were murduring innocent people.

Harming Caucasians:

IN RECENT YEARS The US continues with its murder. However, now its starting to harm its true citizens. With the advent of electric ciggarettes "True Americans" have started to be harmed by the genetically modified MHC. Electric ciggarettes normally do not pass current through their filters but since they are made of metal a tiny amount of electricity is still passed throught the marijuana. The reaction only takes a fraction of a volt to start anad after that it is a domino effect and the entire reaction occurs. This has caused non-latino americans to have a  250% increase in deaths from MHC.

Is The Government Stopping

There are reports that because of the e-ciggarettes problem  and because of the introduction  of better killing weapons (such as long distance labotomies) the US may be slowly stopping the production MHC marijaunna.

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