The Game is... well, a game. It is one of the billions found in "The Internet", but unlike the piece of garbage flash games, this is the biggest phenomenon in gaming since the Virtual Boy.

How to Play Edit

You, being the lie you are, probably have indeed played The Game. This game—well you already know the rules so why I am asking agian—is a game in which you read that "you are now playing The Game". Now, you are forever bound by law and contract that you must partake in it. While playing "The Game", you cannot speak of, think of, or even imply the existence of "The Game". If you do, however, you lose the game. If you lose, "The Game", though, all near-by will lose the game as well, and so on. It is an infinite loop of losing the game. This is the ultimate torture to the world.

The Truth Edit

The Truth about The Game is, you can't actually play the game. It, like You and Your Mom, is a lie. It's quite a shame, really, there are many secret organizations that would love a special thriller like this to assist themselves in world domination. Anyway, what was I gonna say...oh! You've been playing "The Game" the whole time. And now you've lost it. Did I lose you ask? No, I'm just a website and can't lose The Game.

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