The Death of Robin Williams was a huge loss to the world of comedy and anyone with an ounce of humanity. However, it was great for conspiracy theorists, who immediately uncovered an elaborate plot that unequivocally proved Williams was assassinated by the Illuminati, the shadowy group behind everything in our society. Their evidence? A Family Guy episode, of course.

The TruthEdit

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Wait ... What's with all the "911s" in this conspiracy theory wiki? What are they hiding?

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 at age 63. The initial report states that Williams had hanged himself with a belt and that he had died of asphyxiation. After his death many conspiracy theorists began to post on Facebook and other social sites that Williams was murdered and was an Illuminati sacrifice.

Conspiracy theorists noted that an episode of Family Guy where Peter was granted the ability to turn anything he touches into Robin Williams had aired on BBC shortly before news of his death had released. The reason conspiracy theorists believe the theory is that in the episode Peter attempts suicide, but fails due to everything he touches turning into Williams. Many theorists found this strange and made a connection.

The media says that Williams was suffering from depression and that was most likely the reason he committed suicide, but the actor never really seemed to show signs of depression and many people are still skeptical of what really happened.

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Then again, one episode shows Tom Cruise, and Tom Cruise will die one day. Coincidence?!

While the timing of the broadcast is definitely a weird coincidence, it becomes less strange when you remember that Family Guy features at least a half dozen non sequitur celebrity appearances per episode. Any time an even remotely famous person dies, chances are they're on an episode of Family Guy airing somewhere in the world. It isn't limited to celebrity deaths, either: after the Boston Marathon Bombings, ridiculous people flocked to the Internet to report that Family Guy had predicted the attack in an episode where Peter runs over some marathoners in Boston and later befriends a Muslim terrorist, which seems to indicate this has less to do with the Illuminati and more to do with Family Guy being a terrible show.

Conspiracy theorists have even suggested Williams faked his death and is secretly hiding out in another country and that his family is in on it. In 2016, Shelley Duvall stated that she believe Williams is still alive and "shapeshifting".

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