Sweden also sometimes called Denmark is a unified kingdom in Northern Europe. Many people think that these states are seperate kingdoms with separate territories, and the Wikipedia article on that subject supports this misinformation. Be under no illusion, they are the same country ruled by the same people. This also probably explains why your hot Scandinavian cousins are just Scandinavian.

The Evidence Edit

Sweden Denmark

Notice something?

That's right, If you take out Sweden from swedendenmark then you get denmark, and if you take out Denmark you get Sweden. What other proof do you need?

Øresund Bridge Edit

The Øresund Bridge is a bridge between the 2 terrorities of Sweden, connecting the 2 landmasses together. Why would anyone want to connect two independent countries? Think about it.

Great Lies Edit

Sweden has managed to convince the following organisations that it is 2 countries:

Don't be fooled. By lying to us, Sweden is able to get 2 entries at every World Cup, 2 votes in every UN/EU election, 2 loans from the World Bank, 2 Olympic Medals each time and two digs into your mom. Imagine if you could enter everything twice and further insult someone's parents. You'd be much more successful and much more amused. Now imagine a whole country doing that.

Truth Suppression Edit

Many members of the Organisation For Federation of Sweeden in Denmark (Europe) (OFFSIDE) have been thrown out of football matches and UN meetings for trying to expose the truth. What do the other world governments have in suppressing this truth? Only time will tell...

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