"Suit up!"
Barney Stinson

Suits are unquestionably the worst item of clothing ever to be made by the human race, and are worn only by the most purely idiotic, horrible, and loser-esque people in the world. Only idiots wear Suits.

The Truth Edit

The Truth is that Suits are actually unquestionably the best item of clothing ever to be made by the human race; because of their vast superiority over other articles of clothing, it has been suggested by some that Suits were, in fact, made by something other than humans. Suits are known to be worn by Barney Stinson, and are the preferred outfit of those who follow the Bro Code. It has been confirmed that every bro on the go needs to know that there's no accepted substitute for suits[citation not needed] Additionally, some have found that the absolute lamest people in the world do not, in fact, wear suits; some of the people who score low on the Scale of Awesomeness who do wear suits, however, are known to wear terribly constructed suits that would put the Bro Code to shame.

Additionally, numerous studies by the world's leading suitologists have uncovered that the United States's criminal population is in fact most likely as bad as it is because more than 50% of these criminals cannot afford suits. Because of this, they attempted to start the Suits for Bank Robbers program; however, it was repeatedly shot down by The Government until the plan was shut down for good.

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