Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs (born February 24, 1955) was an entrepreneur, best known for co-founding Apple Inc., an electronics company. They will tell you that he died on October 5, 2011, that he died peacefully, surrounded by his closest family, in a loving, caring environment, but that's not The Truth.

The Truth Edit

In August of 2011, Jobs stepped down from his position as CEO of Apple, yet remained at the company as chairman of the board, a useless, made-up title given to older gentlemen that makes them look like their still relevant to the company. At approximately 7:03 AM PST on October 5, just a few minutes after Jobs walked into his new, smaller chairman office, he was confronted by Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple. With a pistol in hand, Cook immediately fired upon Jobs thrice, instantly "killing" him... His death was an advertising technique, stirring up publicity.

This publicity was necessary, since the day before (the 4th), they had released the iPhone 4S. The Media had implied that a whole new generation, the iPhone 5, was to be released at that point. The 4S being a huge disappointment, Apple needed some publicity to sell the product. The death of Jobs was the perfect stunt, and so far, it seems to have been effective.

Zombie Jobs Edit

Many rumors have surfaced that Mr. Jobs might still be out there; plotting his revenge and hostile takeover of Apple Inc (note that he had already taken over it once, after he had been fired). But, the thing is, they aren't rumors at all — they're The Truth Since the actual body of Steve Jobs was never found, although a doppelganger's was, Steve Jobs could still very well be out there. Upon being shot, Cook left the soundproof office and walked into his, secretly holding the gun. While gone, Jobs quickly got back up and jumped out the window nearby. For some reason, his office was only on the first floor and he escaped through a sewage tunnel around the building. As the new wave of Apple-based products begin to emerge, more money is plunged into the finding of Steve Jobs.

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