SpongeBob SquarePants (AKA; Bob Esponge, Lucifer) the devil himself. That's right, what you thought of the cuddle-able cartoon character, is actually the biggest lie in television history.

The TV Show

Every single little munchkin about has watched SpongeBob SquarePants at least once in their lives. There are hundreds of episodes in this show to poison the human mind, much worse than that of a powerful super computer like Randomtime or deadly infant-murdering television shows like Dora the Explorer. Each and every episode of the show is designed to trigger a part of the mind, to torment it and obliterate it in such an unnoticeable way, this has become a leading cause of death among children. Although, since the media and government are in cahoots, you're too dimwitted to figure this out on your own.


The TV Show is actually just another front for the LOSDES, a secret Russian-American originated terrorist group. The LOSDES founded the TV show to extract intelligence from kids, but most of these tries failed. This is what primarily lead to the deaths of hundreds of young children. The LOSDES didn't care about these deaths and still go through with their plans with the show today, no matter the cost.

Fake Conspiracies and Lies

There are many "conspiracies" written about Spongebob. Take this one for instance. It's entirely false, filled in with images of the "behaviour and actions" of the character. It's obvious that these of that of a "hollywood sponge", and not SpongeBob himself. Another false statement about Mr. SquarePants is that he "lives in a pineapple under the sea". Just think about that, that can't be right. More like: "lives in a nuclear submarine", right? It sounds right, because it's true. There are also many rejects in costumes that claim to be SpongeBob, even this one guy, Tom Kenny is his name, he claims to voice SpongeBob. This too is entirely false as everyone knows that there are no such things as "voice actors"; instead, there are computerized voice-commanded robots.

The Truth

This is The Truth.

The Truth is, SpongeBob may think he's funny, he may think he's powerful, he may think he has all of the marbles, but he isn't. SpongeBob is truly the devil in disguise. He wants to kill babies and feast on the minds of children, in being so, he's the worst thing on Television since Seinfeld.

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