Shooting Stars are god's electrical penises.

The Truth Edit

You, although rarely, see shooting stars as rocks flying through space, but this is only to the naked eye. The Truth is that Shooting Stars are actually fragments of the Death Star that exploded a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The Earth's atmosphere, according to scientists, is the reason these satellite-like rocks look as if they're on fire, but this is not the case, much like most things are, huh. At any rate, the shooting stars you see in the night sky are bright and fiery due to the super-heated portal of intergalactic travel, a process entering separate galaxies via a Space Bridge or by going though what some call "Hyper Space".

Findings Edit

You see, there are thousands upon thousands of shooting stars that were made because of the Death Star's findings. Also, since there was a second Death Star, there's even more than that! Maybe you've heard of meteorites, or whatever crash into the Earth, but never really got any information on it. The thing is, things did in-fact fall onto Earth and these Shooting Stars were that something. Each day, falling debris falls and and is quickly confiscated by meteorologists and sent to D.C. for further review. However, the meteorologists that aren't affiliated with the governments and are with that of news castors, have to lurk in the shadows and try underhanded tactics to acquire information. This is why so little information is given out on this subject.

Aliens Edit

Following the above info, there are also rumors that persist of "alien lifeforms". This isn't true in the least. As time goes on, many people begin theorizing aliens' existence, but like all theories and predictions, they aren't backed up with Facts™. Aliens do not exist and heretofore, the Shooting Stars cannot and do not have aliens (or house aliens [or are alien spacecrafts] or anything of the sort).

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