On September 11th, 2001, planes crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City, The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and one was headed towards Camp David before it crashed in Pennsylvania. These were taken as Terrorist attacks, with Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden taking credit. The United States proclaimed a war on terror and sent troops put in search of Bin Laden. For the past ten years, nearly everyone has bought this story, however. It is not The Truth. It is a web of lies caused by those responsible not coming forward and others taking credit.

Those Not Responsible Edit

Many people have claimed many things after September 11th. These groups have tried to take credit or others have thought they were responsible.

The Truth Edit

The Truth is that it was bad air traffic controllers. A few friends, all air traffic controllers, went out on September 10th to celebrate one of their birthdays. While out, one brandished a bottle of European absinthe, the strong kind. Figuring nothing would come of it, they all partook in it and enjoyed their many hallucinations. As they all went to their jobs the next morning in Newark, Boston, Virgina and New York respectively they still had not recovered.

As they arrived at work, the absinthe was not wearing off at all. They all took their places at their desks and began to work. However, the hallucinations kicked in again around the same time for all of them. As they fed flight data to the pilots, the data they sent was nothing but mad scribbles of what they thought they saw. As the pilots followed this data, they were sent to their deaths as they crashed into buildings. Unfortunately for the airlines that day, it was a national rookie training day for pilots. Not knowing any better, they followed the data exactly, leading them to fly into buildings. The fact that the buildings they hit were quite important was purely coincidental. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was not headed for Camp David like most thought but rather was following a set of data that led them nowhere.

After this happened, Al Qaeda, having wanted to attack the U.S but not being able to think of anything good, had sat back. Seeing the plane crashes and that no one had stepped forward yet, they decided to claim it was them. They hired the most talented actor within their ranks to teach Osama Bin Laden to keep a straight face as he announced it was them. America bought it up and believes to this day that they were attacked by terrorists.

So in conclusion, it was not any kind of terrorist plot but rather stupid friends, doing stupid things.

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