The Secret Police are a special group of elite ninjas who live in where they are needed.

Important: before you read on, make sure you know why Secret Policing is a big lie:

  1. You have the ability to learn any information possible.
  2. The secret police are police that operate in secret, i.e. with information that is defined as "something that you can't know".
  3. There is no such thing as a true "secret" - as you have the potential of knowing that information.
  4. There is, therefore, no such thing as the secret police.

The Secret Policing budget Edit

Every year, 14.5 million, billion, trillion American Dollars is spent on secret policing, as you know this is a lie, there's no such thing as secret police, so what is this being spent on? Here are some ideas:

  • Raking George Bush's lawn.
  • Pretending to do something
  • Understanding the secret of the runes of the world tree.
  • Funding NASA — oh wait...
  • Paying off the Secret National Debt.
  • IQ Tests.
  • Paying off the remaining Vietnam War veterans who saw The Truth.

The Truth Edit

See, The Truth is, the Secret Police do exist. You and puny friends believe in the existence of the Secret Police. It is their existence that is false. You see, most simply put, there is actually a Secret Secret Police that controls all police activities World-Wide.

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