You've heard about the "National Debt", right? Well, time take you fancy Economics Books and everything your puny mind has thought about on the economy, and throw it out the window. We'll give you The Truth on this matter.

The Truth Edit

The Truth is, there is no National Debt. It's that simple. It's a lie came up with some nearly 250 years ago to prevent countries from becoming visibly too powerful. This made the top countries in those days, such as France and Britain, stronger than that of what they appeared to be. You see, there is actually a Secret National Debt that is truly in command of a countries spending... not like it really matters if you knew about The Truth about Economics. Anyway, the Secret National Debt is the money that a country owes to another real country. (By which real means a powerful country) Now, you may think that that's quite similar to that of the regular one, but this one works differently.

How it Works Edit

The Secret National Debt is the most important variable in the creation and improvement of a country. It is used as a marker to find out where a country stands in the world's Economic Ladder of Truth. The National Debt, depending on how much it is, determines factors such as imports, exports, and various marketing expenses. This Secret one, however, determines the National Debt. Mostly, the money is gained from Wars and loaning of countries. Some countries like America with their excuse for money are lower in the Economic Ladder of Truth as they lose wars and get loans from countries. What fools they are.

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