Santa's Fortress is the home of Santa Clause and the world's largest factory.

The fortress, according to a map you found at the local Library, is located at the very top of the world, at the North Pole. As history tells, few have been to the pole at the top of the world, but all who have have seen the towering pole that connects to the orbiting satellites around the world. This pole has existed there for hundreds of possibly thousands of years. Surrounding the fortress are an army of Abominable Snowmen. These creatures attack those who draw near the fortress and kill them with their icy powers. (Duh! They are abominable after all) The head of security of the fortress is Jack Frost.

Santa's fortress has been outfitted with artillery cannons as well as some strange invisible barrier (Because we all know those exist).

The Truth Edit

Now, you are probably wondering something like "who is responsible for this and such", but that is irrelevant; no one but Santa himself is responsible. Just read the article and find out. Anyway, The Truth about Santa's Fortress is that it is actually a slave-labour camp designed to force children (Of whom Santa kidnapped from across the globe) into building "toys" for the people of the world.

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