RNG obey

The Communist Random Number Generator.

Don't believe the hype, Random Number Generators are evil. This web-page stands as proof of that — do your own research and find out how evil they are, don't believe the global elites' lies on the subject. If it doesn't conform to the facts on this page, then it's obviously not The Truth — there are evil people everywhere, and they want you to think otherwise.

Communism Edit

Under the Communist Flag, many international groups, such as the LOSDES for example, created hundreds of these devices to exchange thoughts on brainwaves and intelligence. The LOSDES, or Legion of Super Duper Evil Stuff, is a brilliant example of this because they are the group responsible for Wikipedia. Anyway, Communist forces used these devices for not only scientific and sociology experiments, but also used them for military purposes.

The Evidence Edit

Like anyone doing their own research, you want to know the evidence for why random number generators are evil. Well, we're all to happy to give you that, because we have The Truth on our side:

  • During 9/11/01, various sources said that random number generators were playing up — that's because the elite were using them to cover them up.
  • Ever lost in a video game due to the computer having more luck than you — that wasn't by accident, the generators were fixed so you could get frustrated at that, and not realise that you were being manipulated from behind the curtain.
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