Q is supposedly the seventeenth letter of the basic Latin alphabet. Or so they say. They don't realize that there are really only 25 letters in the Latin alphabet.

History Edit

The whole conspiracy started when the Greeks fabricated the letter Qoppa (Ϙ) to theoretically represent the labialized velar plosive (/k/) sound. But we both know that such a sound never existed. The closest possible sound is a voiceless uvular plosive, more commonly known as "clicking one's tongue." It is now known that the reason for such a sound was to cover up the secret emergency call of the LOSDES precursor, the Η Λεγεώνα των έξοχο κακό Πράγμα (or ΗΛτέκΠ). The call consisted of clicking one's tongue while simultaneously producing the /t/ sound.

The "Q" symbol Edit


Oh, come on, it's pretty obvious.

The "Q" symbol used to this day is actually an O, with a completely useless tail added for effect.

The Truth Edit

As stated above, the Q is really an O with a useless tail, since the /k/ sound it supposedly produces is too similar to the emergency call of LOSDES precursor ΗΛτέκΠ for the general public to use.

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