Princess Peach, we all know her as the dear love one of Mario, the plumber, and that Bowser always tries to capture her and potentially rape her. However, we know The Truth.

The Truth Edit

You see, Princess Peach actually has an evil twin, yes an evil twin, who is also identical to Peach. When they were little girls, Peach got all the attention, so the Evil Twin got revenge by tricking Mario into going on his adventures. The Evil Twin Married Bowser, and together they devised a plan to ruin Mario's life, so the Evil Twin pretends she gets kidnapped all the time, to make Mario go on hard adventures, and therefore spending less time with Peach. So far the Evil Twin's plan has worked, so Peach was never really kidnapped (Like Bowser would be smart enough to come up with a plan to catch her). Mario was just tricked into doing his adventures. So the story of Mario games you have come to know and love, is a lie.

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