Politics is a word, meaning lies in Latin. Don't beleive a word a polititican tells you, especially if another politician has said another word that contradicts the word that you wern't going to believe. Politics are divided into "wings". Planes also have wings. Planes that might've been used by the US government to attack their own people. I don't know, I'm just asking questions.

Remember, all a government can do is take away freedoms from their people, so governments are evil. By voting you are saying that you're ok with that and governments take that as a legal statement that you want to be their slave. The only way to not be the slave to the government is to never vote. That way, you never consented to being governed and you can legally disobey all laws.

Left WingEdit

The left wing is the wing of politics that pretends to care for people. The best way to care for people is taking their money, so the left wing's political agenda is to tax you.

All Left Wingers are Communists, they work for the global elite, Stalin, the New World Order and like killing children.

Right Wing Edit

The right wing is the wing of politics that doesn't pretend to care for people. They want to lower taxes so that people turn on each other. They think that companies are somehow people and they don't like women.

All Right Wingers are Nazis, they work for the global elite, the New World Order, Adolf Hitler, and they ALSO like killing children

Center Edit

The centrist politicians look like politicians that aren't in on the conspiracy. Don't trust them, they are super-in on the conspiracy, they want you to think that they're not in on it.

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