We are not trollers attempting to force you to look upon your own governments with suspicion. We are not imbeciles who write things on this wiki because we have nothing better to do in our lives.

Who are we?

We are Orion's Light.

And we bring you The Truth

About Us Edit

We cannot say too much about our organization, for fear that we might give away enough details that the fiends you call your benevolent government officials will catch us trying to bring you The Truth and will exact disciplinary actions upon us in the name of their so-called justice. However, there are a few things we can reveal.

We, the members of Orion's Light, hold no duty higher than to that of The Truth. It is our goal to uncover conspiracy wherever it may arise, and to dispel the lies that the world's governments feed to the global populace purely as conciliatory measures. We are everywhere; the old man down the street could be one of us. Your mother could be one of us. Even the stray dog that shows up whining on your doorstep could be a secret agent of ours. Our pledge binds us as civilians to never reveal our secret identities as Orion's Tears, and so you may never know where we are.

Several of the editors on this wiki is one of Orion's Tears. While most of us prefer to stay underground, we are the select few who dare to sign onto their Wikia accounts and bring you The Truth. We still have much to uncover, as every passing second is another conspiracy to uncover. But we assure you, our duty is to The Truth. And we will bring it to you at our own expense.

On the Order of the Unholy Letters Edit

Do not even believe what those fools say. The one true thing they have said on their page is that we are in direct opposition to each other. At the time of this page's creation, we were unaware of the existence of CERTAIN Mailmen on this wiki. Do not be fooled by these scatterbrains; the only access to government conspiracy they have is through government issued mail, which half the time is meaningless garbage purposely sent to throw them off. The other half is encrypt in a randomized code that makes it impossible to decipher by whatever means they have at their disposal. After all, they are all overage mailmen who jump at the chance to make themselves important.

And they also have a small contradiction: "Would you reveal your sekrit group on a Wiki page? I think not." Right back at you, mailmen.

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