Old People, those ugly, so-called experienced humanoid beings. We've all seen them, conversed with them, heard their pointless and never-ending stories, but no one is aware of The Truth about them.

Tests throughout History Edit

Throughout many years, there have been tales of "great" old people. These are, in-fact, lies! There can never be such thing as a great old person. Just give it some thought: an old person has no sense of style, extremely boring, and looks so different than you and me. They are wrinkly and tend to suffer from disease easier than that of a regular human. Even the infamous Space program, NASA, has expressed deep consideration to launch old people into space via rockets. No one knows if they are wanted to do this because they are aware that they are a threat to the world, or that NASA is secretly in cahoots with old people.

Theories Edit

There are many ideas that are tossed around about old people. Some say that the The Truth is that Old People are secretly robots designed to degrade humanity through personal connections. This is backed up and has been seemed to make these evil savages in cahoots with Randomtime, a super computer designed to degrade information on the internet. I mean, they run on the most sufficient and unending food source, vegetables, so they can almost never die out by shutting down.

Another theory about old people is that they are, or at least were at one time, the failed super soldier experiments, but it is highly unlikely this is The Truth as governments have tried extensively to cover the information on those up.

Possibly, no one will ever understand The Truth about these vile creatures. Once, every so often, they will attack, revealing their true face. Heed this warning, old people are evil, disgusting, creatures who are capable of vicious assaults on the brain and appearance.

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