Microwave ovens, or simply microwaves, are big box-like machines that heat up food using radiation. An every household item, microwaves have caused more deaths than most other everyday products.

The Truth Edit

Earth radiation

An artist's representation of the hazardous radioactivity emanating from earth.

Ever wondered how a microwave works? Well, ask anyone, they'll know. The Truth is actually quite simple as microwaves heat foods using small wave-like particles that "have been proven to be near-harmless". However, people lie — you know that. So, in actuality, microwaves have been a threat to society for several decades, causing a now semi-common disease known as cancer. The radiation, in the beginnings of the microwave, was indeed a more potent stream, but in today's models, there isn't a need for as much radiation output. This is because the olden day's microwave radiation has threatened the planet and has been spread world-wide over the course of several decades. While today's microwaves are healthier than the early models, they all still cause a threat to the world's survival.

Cancer Edit

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Cancer is a disease that has hundreds of causes, some of the more common being radiation, physical trauma, and drugs. Even today, cancer still has yet to be fully treated (Sounds like a man-made plague to me, right?). Unfortunately, that is true, and there have been thousands of research teams under one corporation to unleash this virus to those it marks as "impure". This secret society of sorts is known as the "SODA", or "Secret Organized Disease Analysts". The SODA has been tasked by several government agencies across the globe to "study, cure, and rid the world of" this disease. However, unbeknownst to the UN, SODA has been working on creating a more potent version of this disease.

Radiation-based cancer is caused, and only caused, by microwaves. Microwaves come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and forms, but all devices that have been said to give cancer have been a microwave in some sort as these devices harness the power of Ultraviolet Light. Over the years, microwaves have become more deadlier as they have gone under cover, saying they are "more environmentally friendly", but this is obviously a sham and microwaves, tanning beds, radios, and other electronic devices have become more open to produce cancer.

Popularity Edit

The popularity of microwaves started out awful high during its first run. In the beginning, microwaves were still a foreign idea to most average homes, but as shown with time, microwaves have become a necessity for small-income families world-wide. The easiness of how to use a microwave is alluring, and thus, SODA's plans to infect the "impure" with cancer becomes more than just a fantasy. The microwave's performance, usage, and purpose is a dangerous tool for spreading a disease, and as shown, it has been definitely successful.

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