Justin Bieber halfway through his transition of turning into a human

Justin Bieber is the funny-looking Canadian singing sensation that is hated by everyone except members of LOSDES and brainwashed hyperactive girls. He was initially an internet sensation, posting his music videos on You Tube, until a music producer found him and made him an star official terrorist. He made such songs as "Baby" and "Never say Never". But you should know that this is a lie. But what is The Truth?

The TruthEdit

Justin Bieber was born in Russia. He wasn't a human at this stage - he was a female rat. Some point in his life he snuck aboard a GOD ship and sailed to Canada. When there, he was mutated by all the toxic waste and took on the appearance of a human. He traveled to New York where he met Mario He was influenced by him and became a Communist. Later, he was found by LOSDES and was implanted with hypnotism machines in his vocal cords. Bieber used the machines to hypnotize almost all of the teenage girls in America. The rumors about Bieber coming from YouTube was a rumor about Bieber's connection with Wikia and Wikipedia, two other Internet sites. He is constantly searching for Girls on the Internet and has not found anyone. Working side by side with LOSDES and Katy Perry, Bieber will soon conquer the world.

Justin Bieber

It is theorized by some that Justin Bieber is truly a Pokémon.

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