Please note that this website was not hacked by Illuminati agents and this article edited until it told the truth they see fit.

The Illuminati are a fabrication of the people's imagination, which was once believed to secretly rule the world from "behind the scenes" and without the knowledge of the general public. The false story (according to Wikipedia) that the conspiracy theorists believed was that:

"It is... used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, the Illuminati are believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order."

The Truth Edit

The Truth is that the Illuminati do not and have never existed, they are just the product of paranoia and the occasional loon in power. There may be ample proof pointing toward its existence, but trust me, there is much more proof that debunks these theories.

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