It "secretly" bends you to LOSDES' will.

IRC (Hardly ever referred to by savages as "Internet Relay Chat") is the LOSDES's (posing as Freenode, inc.) version of the Wikia chatroom, with a secret goal of hypnotizing you with soothing ping noises and 1990's graphics. Once it gets you into a trance, it fills your head with the LOSDES's will. They will tell you that it's Wikia's chat, but that's not The Truth.

Chat differentiation Edit

The easiest way to tell if you're on Wikia's chat or IRC is a simple poem: if the timestamp's on the left, IRC has got me. Some other noteworthy differences:

  • Users' avatar pictures appear in the Wikia chat.
  • People are more annoying on the Wikia chat.
  • There is nearly never a user called Nickserv or Chatserv on the Wikia chat, while these people will often show up in IRC.
  • The colour scheme of the Wikia Chat is vastly differentiated from wiki to wiki, but the IRC's colour scheme is bland and usually tasteless.
  • Wikia's chat uses that annoying font that everyone gets annoyed by. (We know you're annoyed by it too; you're reading it right now)
  • Private Messaging systems are "better" and more in-depth on the IRC much more than Wiki's chat.
  • Wikia's pathetic excuse for a chat, with the arrival of Satan's newest finding, has pretentious and annoying Emoticons.

The Truth Edit

The Truth is that the LOSDES put together the IRC in early May, shortly after Wikia announced its upcoming chat feature. Being quickly put together, it lacks many features that Wikia had implemented and worked the bugs out of. Of course, LOSDES is an an underground world-controlling agency, so these issues can be expected to be fixed shortly.

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