The iPad in its first form

iPads are meant to be a revolutionary piece of technology that changes the world. However that's what they want you to think.

The Truth Edit

"Successor" to the iPhone and while some believe it to be an all-powerful tablet, the iPad is actually just the phone with a bigger screen. Along with the success of the iPhone, Apple thought of an ingenious way of mind-control. Using "face-time", a system of chat using a camera on the Apple product, Apple has been able to trick the poor commoners into thinking that they are a friendly corporation with rather pleasant intentions.

Recently, when Steve Jobs "died" Apple realized that nobody would fall for their trick anymore and began outsourcing their factories to China, so they could make some profit when sales went down. However, the daft consumers still buy into these lies and purchase products related to Apple. Their long-lasting empire still indeed stands due to the idiotic consumers involved.

The Name Edit

You might be wondering why it's called the iPad. It's called that because that is all it is, a pad to write stuff on. I mean look at it, it doesn't even have Flash!!! People think it's something great, but it isn't, so don't be fooled, just go to Target and get a notebook that costs $500 less.

The App Store Edit

The iPad marked the end of the App Store. When Developers learned that they had to make all new apps for the iPad they got really annoyed leading the big boost in the Android App Store. After realizing this Apple allowed the minimization and maximization of iPhone apps. What Apple wasn't smart enough to realize though was that this lead to low quality keyboards and graphics on their apps. You may recall Steve Jobs saying that the app store had 65,000 apps and the rest had 100. Well what he failed to mention though was the thousand after hundred. What Apple doesn't want you to know (and they pay google to keep this a secret) is that ever since the launch of the iPad the Android App Store has had more apps. This lead to more Android sales across the world. The only reason Apple hasn't completely lost yet is because they secretly own Angry Birds which coincidentally is always number one on the best selling list. If it wasn't for Angry Birds and Steve Jobs then the iPad would have been a flop.

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