Have you ever realized that your Hair falls out? The you must know The Truth. 

The Truth is Hair is a lie! It is fake, not real, phony, nonexistant, made up, and it being fake is why Voldemort is stealing our shampoo, and why Voldemort is stealing are shampoo is becuase he is really the good guy and trying to tell us that our Hiar is a lie!

Why we can prove that Hair is a lie is simply this. Hair falls out, but wait..... we still have Hair.... how can this be? It be becuase Hair is lie, and aliens gave us fake hair so that we would think that things with hair are good. And that things without are bad. And they have, but we don't. We just have fake Hair and then they are going to take away our fake Hair. And we will turn against ourselves and do their dirty work for them. And then the aliens will take over the planet. If this page is taken down, you will know that the aliens did it.

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