The Global Feminist Conspiracy, often more simply referred to as the Feminist Conspiracy is the plague that is slowly engulfing the world. All women are secretly a part of the Conspiracy, and the men are the targets. The headquarters have not yet been found, but they are likely suspected to be on the moon, and is assumed to look something like this:

Facts of the ConspiracyEdit

  • One of the key weapons used by the feminists is the slow turn in gender ratio. If your school, home, office, city, or anywhere has a gender ratio of greater than 1:1 in favor of women, it might be too late. Get out as soon as you can, just to be safe. It becomes more noticeable as the ratio favors women more and more. If it's at the point of 6:4, get out NOW! Don't question it.
  • Another very powerful weapon is sexual intercourse. The women use it to drain the men of all their stamina before feeding on their souls. Stay away from the accursed act. It's how they destroy you.

The RebellionEdit

The Rebellion is the counter movement to the Conspiracy. You must first prove your allegiance before you can join the Rebellion. This page will be free of the requirements should the feminists see it.

This important message brought to you by Kenji Setou and Schiffy.

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