Food Truck Food

Nomnomnom. That's good poison!

Food Trucks are those mobile automobiles that deliver food to various citizens that visit them on the go.

These apparently convenient devices are nothing like they seem. In fact, they can most-easily be put as "hell on wheels".

The Consumer Edit

These trucks ride roads, through towns, and about the side of the world, giving the folks what they "want". There are thousands of consumers to these mechanized-restaurant terrorists each and every day. What these food trucks do, is they sell food at reasonable prices to customers that come at their own free will. You see, this is the flaw in the system. It makes them look good, good in the media anyway.

The Truth Edit

In reality, food trucks poison their food with strange toxins that exterminate cells on the outside of your skin. This poison is implemented by the "secret sauce". Have you always wondered what makes secret sauce so secret? Well, you know The Truth now. So, if you ever see a person with a skin deformity, that's because they ate at a food truck.

Currently, Wikia is using Food Trucks in order to eliminate the nay sayers on their new products.

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