Flu Shots are a vaccine, usually administered by a doctor or pharmacist. This vaccine contains a mostly dead form of the "Flu" virus, which can be easily killed off by the patient's immune system but still teaches it techniques for the eradication of the virus.

The Truth Edit

The vaccination for the "Flu" virus, seemingly a harmless precaution, is really the tainting of one's bloodstream with homing nanobots. These nanobots give LOSDES, a secret organization that's obviously out to get you, the global position of the patient within 2ft2. The death poison in the Flu shots are designed to be activated after the user has eaten 1,000 chips from one of the millions of McDonald's restaurants — making it look like an accident — don't believe the hype, people don't "get fat", that's the early sign of active nanobots, which will, sooner or later, kill the person.

The "Flu" Edit

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The "Flu" virus is not a virus (at least, not in the traditional sense) at all. In reality, it is a genetically-altered cold designed to react with human blood cells, causing them to expand until they explode (which explains the obesity side-effect). The vaccine contains a form of formaldehyde which counteracts this reaction. This has been proven by submerging lab mice (Not your typical Pinkie and the Brain lab mice, either) into concentrated vats of the virus, causing an instantaneous explosion. The exact chemical in the virus which causes this reaction has heretofore not been identified, although we believe our scientists are getting close.

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