Those Darn Eggs! Always stealing our chicken wings!- My mentally unstable grandfather

Eggs are an excellent and extremely versatile ingredient used in baking, cooking, and luring small children into basket-based traps.

The Truth Edit


So you want to know The Truth: what came first? The chicken, or the egg? It was the Egg. The sentient manifestations of an evil curse in small, ovular form, eggs were a plague cast by a dark sorcerer many years in the past, and shaped the very beginnings of all of human society. Eggs are known to have previously included a third, silent g. Scholars of The Truth have only recently uncovered the real reason why: "Eggg" upside-down is a clear and perfect picture of the Devil's Number, 666. The only way to escape the dark forces of these satanic objects is to smash each and every one You find. Adam and Eve? More like SATAN and EGG.

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