Welcome to the Conspiracy Wiki Conspiracy Requests page. This page is used to request that The Truth be revealed on a certain subject.

In order to request The Truth be revealed, make sure you think about a basic guideline for what it is and keep the story of it original yet clever, we don't want something stupidly unfunny, controversial, or a "knock-off" of a previous idea.

Requests Edit

Basic format: * [[Page title]] - description or notes

  • The George Forman Grill - Is it really rendering fat, or is the meat salivating?
  • MS Paint - The most sinister program known to man.
  • Master Ceadeus 27 - The real [27th] overlord of the seven seas, and one of 30 Master Ceadeuses who rule the seas. Careful! They're the ones REALLY sinking the ships. This one (no. 27) Resides in the Bermuda Triangle-HINT HINT!
  • Metric system - The tool of the devil!
  • April Fools - A ploy used by teh Googlez to distract people from the realization that it's run by walruses.
  • Men In Black - What if they were just a government conspiracy to make them believe to this conspiracy, while in fact another one holds the Truth?
  • Anime - LOSDES most evil creation since Spongebob, Anime is actually Canadian reality TV.
  • Community Central moderators - No one could ever be AFK that much....
  • Rugs - A contraption that has scarred many wikians, too the point that they become triGGERED when the word "rugs" is mentioned.
  • Matrix - the pills are both drugs, Coolio was right. Don't take pills from people unless they're a doctor, kids.
  • Weird Al Yankovic - the prophet of conspiracy truth, his religious teachings are subliminally hardcoded into his lyrics. (also has a habit of killing people randomly )
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