Chemtrails is the official name for the chemicals that are put into airplane fuel. To this day, nobody knows why you'd put chemicals in an airplane, but we can speculate that it's probably to control our brains. Little do they know that, if they controlled our brains, we wouldn't even know Chemtrails existed. Checkmate.

Science Edit

Science has proven that chemicals are evil. All chemicals everywhere must be avoided at all costs.

Legalisation Edit

Little is known about the legalisation of chemtrails. No lawsuit has been brought in the Supreme Court about them. I bet you can guess why. The supreme court has been paid off in order to not hear good, hardworking people's pleas about the dangers of chemicals. Then, when congress wasn't looking, a rogue group of senitors passed a law that legalised chemtrails. The first chemtrails were a test concoction, designed so that people would forget this law was ever passed.

In 1995, these were discovered by some scientists, who were then probably killed. All knowledge of these scientists was then erased from the news and Wikipedia.

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