Bulbasaur. Most likely plotting something mischievous and evil from inside your computer.

Bulbasaur is a grass-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series (duh!). He is the first evolution of Venusaur, and is the real antagonist of the Pokémon games.

An interesting thing to note about Bulbasaur is that it is the only pokemon, other than Caterpie, to lack a soul.

The conspiracy begins Edit

It all started with Pokémon Red and Blue. Professor Oak offered out three Pokemon to you and his grandson, Gary Oak. You chose Charmander because you are a dumbass, and didn't realize that Squirtle was obviously superior to Charmander, due to it's final evolution being Blastoise. Because of your ignorance, Gary took Squirtle for himself, and Iost faith in you as a pokemon trainer and stopped being your friend. After that, Gary let you beat him in a Pokémon battle because he felt sorry for you being an imbecile. You then left the lab to embark on your adventure to beat the elite four with your level 4 Charmandork, who, once again, sucks Tentacruel balls.

But after you left, Bulbasaur put his plan into action. You see, Bulbasaur had a psychotic dream to eliminate all Pokémon and human beings from the world to bring on a new era of Bulbasaur. After purging the world of inferior beings, Bulbasaur would create a utopia consisting entirely of Bulbasaurs and their evolutionaries, in which he would be declared king. It's kind of like the Nazis, only Bulbasaurs taste much better in a salad[1]

  1. From what I've heard Hitler is too chewy to be enjoyably eaten.
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