Bielefeld is a city in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia, or at least reportedly it is.

The TruthEdit

The Truth is that Bielefeld does not exist. This is a well-known fact, originating from the German Usenet on May 16th, 1993, by then-University of Kiel student and computer science major Achim Held.
It is reported on sites such as Wikipedia that this theory originally was made because Achim Held met someone who claimed they are from Bielefeld and responded with "Das gibt's doch gar nicht", which is an expression for "I don't believe it", but directly translated means "That doesn't even exist!", and has since spread over Germany.

However, in reality, Achim Held is one of them, and in reality a resident of Bielefeld himself. The Truth is that Bielefeld is a large fabric owned by Aliens and the University of Bielefeld is their spaceship.

This information is posted on Wikipedia to prevent The Truth from being found out. It is formulated to be a lie to hide that it is The Truth.

If anyone you know has been to Bielefeld or is from Bielefeld, they are either deceived or one of them. If you have ever been to Bielefeld: You have been brainwashed and deceived.


A notable supporter of the so-called Bielefeld-conspiracy is Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany. Whether she is one of you or one of them is not yet known.

The Wikipedia ArticleEdit

As mentioned, this article[1] is posted to hide The Truth by making it sound like a lie.

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