Battlefield 3 is a new first-person shooter that will be released in October, though the exact day in October depends on where you live, because for some reason a global release on the same day was just out of the question. Aggressive tactics are used to promote this game over its main competitor, Modern Warfare 3. It is often advertised as sporting the best graphics in the industry and also the best gameplay, but we all know Game Critics and reviewers are all hacks. It is also advertised as sporting a "unique" gameplay experience; this often leads the fanboys of this game to regard it as the Second Coming of Christ, or even the First Coming of God, or even a worthy competitor to Modern Warfare 3.

The Truth Edit

Bad Company 2

Battlefield 3

If it weren't a conspiracy, it wouldn't be here. The truth behind Battlefield 3...(Insert Drum-roll here) is that it isn't Battlefield 3! No, this game is actually Bad Company 2! Yes, it sports the exact same gameplay and also similar graphics! Don't believe the lies EA feed to you. This game is nothing new and is actually just a re-release of an older game! But oh! You want proof? Just look at any EA Sports game — no, look at any EA game!

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