Arabic people are a regular presence in #freenode, the general support channel of the freenode IRC network. Clueless, annoying, and bad listeners, all Arabic users on freenode use a client called GokilzIRC. Known for its retarded formatting, the client causes headache of actual helpful people.

How to recognize Arabic people on freenode Edit

  • Their channels are in the wrong namespace.
  • They do not listen to help.
  • They steal each other's channels.
  • They use GokilzIRC.
  • They are regularly quieted for using Arabic after being told not to.

The Truth Edit

In fact, there are no Arabic people on freenode, since their governments censors the internet protect their citizens from the horrors that is freenode. All users pretending to be Arabic are actually the very same person — who obviously have way too much time on their hands.

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