The Abominable Snowman, the "myth" of the icy tundras to the north. Most scoff at the idea of a monster in the snow, but we at Conspiracy Wiki don't. We know The Truth about them. The Abominable Snowman is actually a man—a once great man—known as Jack Frost.

Jack Frost Edit

Jack Frost is a servant of the shadows and a follower of Satan. He, according to legend, has ice-based powers. He is a willful indivdiual who is capable of extraordinary accomplishments; that is why he is Satan's number 2, his right hand. Jack Frost acts as a hit man for Satan, taking out many and many that disagree with his views. He also has an uncanny ability to curse those with a "Common Cold", the virus of death. Jack Frost also has created the Abominable Snowman, an automated "killing machine" that he uses in some tactical snowstorm assaults.

The Truth Edit

The Truth about how the Abominable Snowman is that he is a creature that comes from the ground and attacks intruders of the fortifications to the far north. He acts like a humanoid mechanism that absorbs those who draw near. This robot works as a defense mechanism for Santa Clause's fortress. They are many of Santa's henchmen and a faithful servants to the dark lord, Jack Frost.

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