Oerk is a very active user on the Harry Potter wikia.
He has no profile picture, which in itself is very mysterious, next to his name.
What is behind this mysterious facade?

The TruthEdit

Oerk is actually a mean, tall monster in fluffy bunny-patterned pyjamas and rabbit slippers. He buys innocent kid's souls in exchange for candy per written contract.
Who knows what he does with them... Perhaps he devours them like his waffles? Perhaps he keeps them in his cupboard? Perhaps he sells them to collectors on the black market?

This is not all! It has been reported that Oerk is actually the alter-ego of Reverb Frost, the master of sarcasm and also a reported bot of Washington D.C pretending to be a GDM!
To this day, they are out for your souls! Watch yourselves carefully!

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Proof Reverb is a bot

The witnesses are Harrypotterexpert101 and ThanatodoraSage (and many others).

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